Skoolie Toilet Options

When thinking about living or traveling in a skoolie, where you are going to go poo is a major decision. When you gotta go – you gotta GO! So, it is important to know what skoolie toilet option will suit you the best. The 3 most common skoolie toilet options are the compost toilet, the RV toilet, or the DIY compost toilet.

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What skoolie toilet fits your lifestyle? 

When thinking about a skoolie toilet it is first important to know your plan and purpose for skoolie life. If you know that you are going to be connected to water and sewer (full hook-up site) most of the time, then the traditional RV toilet may fit your needs just fine.
On the other hand, if you are considering living primarily off-grid then a compost toilet is an environmentally friendly option that doesn’t involve water or dumping a black tank.

Most Popular Skoolie Toilet: The Compost Toilet

Compost toilets are a popular choice with skoolie owners because there is no black tank to dump.
The toilet uses the composting process to break down waste, toilet paper, and the composting material. When thinking about going off-grid this is a great option. If you are considering this option, be sure to purchase one that separates the urine from the poo, has a fan, and vent it out of the bus.
Do your research before sitting a spell.
Not all compost toilets are created equal! I  recommend the Airhead toilet. It is the Queen of composting toilets. The Airhead Composting Toilet toilet is aesthetically pleasing (You don’t see a bucket of pee.) It has superior function and style.

Pros and Cons of a Composting Toilet

  • Pros:  requires no water, propane, or electricity
  • Pro: environmentally friendly
  • Pro: easy to install
  • Con:   taller than water flush toilets
  • Con: you have to empty the buckets
  • Cons: cost more than RV flush toilet

Options for the compost material are peat moss, sawdust, or soil. Some people use a mixture of compost materials.
FYI: Do not use the compost from toilets in edible gardens for at least one year.

Pro Tip: You can divert the urine into the gray tank if you don’t want to empty the urine bottle.

Build Your Skoolie Toilet: The DIY Compost Toilet

Over the years as we have met other skoolie owners, many of them have opted to build their own skoolie toilet.
Heck, I will let you in on a secret. When Jeff and I first got married he drove an 18-wheeler cross-country. After my first trip riding along with him, he built me a toilet out of a bucket complete with a toilet seat. My frequent stops were putting us behind schedule!! 
So, if you are cutting costs or you just want to build your own composting toilet it can be done. Grab a 5 gal bucket and place a toilet seat on top. Put some compost material in the bottom and you are good to go! One other thing, there is a way to divert the urine so that it doesn’t mix with the poo, thus reducing the smell.

Pros and Cons of DIY Toilet

Pro: easy setup

Pro: inexpensive

Con: possible order

Con: clean up is unpleasant

Traditional RV Toilet

These are the toilets that are in most RV’s. They come in a foot flush or a hand flush. When using this type of toilet, it is important to know that some toilet paper will get stuck in the tank.  A big thing to consider when choosing this type of toilet is the black tank maintenance and routine dumping that is required. This is not an option to consider if the plan is to live off-grid or to boondock most of the time. 

On the other hand, if you plan on being connected to a full hook-up site, all that would be necessary once connecting to the sewer system is opening a valve and not thinking about it again until it’s time to pack up. 

Pros easy to use 

Pros: resembles a standard toilet

Cons: must empty the tank

Cons: messy if not done correctly

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What’s Your Preference?

When it comes down to choosing a toilet for your bus, the choice is up to you. Think about your lifestyle. Are you squeamish when it comes to poo? If so the DIY compost toilet may not be for you. If your bus is stationary and connected to sewer then the RV toilet may be our best option. Do you want to be off-grid and not have to empty a black tank? If so, then click the link above and install the Airhead Composting Toilet.

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