Top 10 Floor Planning Questions


Do you need to know what the average height is inside of a skoolie? Or maybe how much room you need for a walkway in a center aisle. Well, we have compiled a list of the TOP 10 questions people ask about skoolie floor plans! We receive these questions so much that we decided it would help you guys to have them all in one place. This is why we made this an exclusive PDF just for you!

The Top 10 Floor Plan FAQ’s,  PDF Printable include the questions and answers to the most popular skoolie floor plan questions.  There is a wide variety of topics are covered in this PDF such as “how tall is the inside of a skoolie?” or “Will a king mattress fit inside a skoolie?” and even “How wide should a bunk bed be?”  If you are in the process of designing your very own skoolie floor plan then this printable is made for you!

Click that button now to reveal the answers that you will need to make the best skoolie floor plan ever! Plus this printable is completely FREE, so you have absolutely nothing to lose. Download this printable now to get the answers to many of the floor planning questions you have been asking!



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