Bus Binder


The 2020 Revised Edition of the Bus Conversion Binder includes excerpts from the top-selling DIY Skoolie Guide as well as additional worksheets and bus design coloring pages.

All of your vital bus information in one location! These printable pdf worksheets will help you keep track of the pertinent details about your conversion and help you in planning your skoolie.  Learn the difference between the bus types, and what to look for when buying a bus.  We included a simple checklist that will help you remember all the critical systems to review when you go to inspect your bus.  Have fun sketching out your paint job, and take our shopping list with you to the hardware store to buy the paint.  We have put all the beginning stages of a bus conversion in this resource to help you make your skoolie dream a reality.


​Bus Types Chart
The Best Bus for a Conversion
Floor Plan Design Questions
Bus Buying Inspection Checklist
Engine Type, Bus Length, and Power Source Pros and Cons Worksheets
Floor Plan Graph Worksheets for 26′ to a 40′ bus
Painting a Bus
Paint Mockup and Logs, Conventional and Flat Front Models
Paint and Prep Shopping List


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