It All Began in 2009

My skoolie journey has had many switchbacks over the years. It started when I got a retired school bus for Mother’s Day in 2009.  My then husband and I converted it into our first skoolie so that we could take our large family on vacations. During the conversion, we decided that we would travel across the country with our kids. The full time skoolie journey lasted 2 years.

Our full-time adventure ended sooner than we had hoped because our daughter, Katie, started having seizures and her condition was getting worse. Fast forward from 2011 to 2015 when Katie became a Make- A-Wish kid. After blogging about converting another bus, people wanted my ex husband, Jeff, and I to convert buses for them. He started a company called Custom Bus Conversions in our backyard.

Living Stationary in a Skoolie 

In 2017, we moved to Edisto Island, SC and lived full time in our skoolie for about 6 months as we grew the business. Katie continued to decline and I had to make the decision to return to our home in TN. Within a few months, Jeff moved the business back to TN and we rebranded it to Skoolie Homes. 

Becoming a Skoolie Author

Over the next 2 years, I worked in the business thinking that I was co-owner. Katie was in and out of the hospital for most of 2018. She moved to Heaven on July 23rd, 2019. I purchased a 30 ft bus and hoped to convert it fully for tiny home shows and weekend travel. Frankly, I had hoped it would be a way for Jeff and I to reconnect and repair our marriage. After writing and  and self-publishing the DIY Skoolie Guide: A Step by Step Bus Conversion Textbook in 2019, I upgraded the online bus conversion course, The DIY Skoolie Master Class that was published in 2017. 

Covid-19 and Skoolie Homes

In 2020, I found out that I was not co-owner of Skoolie Homes and became an employee.  Covid-19 hit the business hard and my marriage was falling apart due to unresolved issues. In 2021, I filed for divorce and sold the partially converted bus. 

I was no longer a part of Skoolie Homes. I became a single mama, and owner of DIY Skoolie Guide where I help people like you convert their bus into a skoolie through consultations, connecting DIYer’s with bus conversion companies and writing resources to help you along your journey. 

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Skoolies Led Me To My Passion

 Travel has been part of my life since I was a child. When going through a divorce, I thought about where my passions lie, and what lights me up inside. My first love is my family, then travel and everything related to travel which includes working remotely. Skoolies, road trips and adventure make me smile from ear to ear. 

So, I made the leap to become a travel professional. Now, I split my time between both DIY Skoolie Guide and Four Wheels and A Bra. Traveling to new places, booking travel for others, meeting new friends, and sharing my skoolie knowledge are all things I enjoy.  My company, MCM Adventures combines my love of skoolies, travel and helping others start their own remote business.

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Skoolies Will Always Be Part Of My Life

My skoolie journey didn’t turn out like I had imagined years ago. Nonetheless, I am grateful for the journey and where it has led me. Skoolies and the skoolie community will always be a special part of my life.  I have made some great friends and learned so much more than I could have ever imagined. Who would have ever thought that converting a retired school bus years ago and traveling around the country could put me on the road to become a skoolie consultant and travel professional? 

Sometimes it is hard for me to believe when I say this but I LOVE MY LIFE.  It sure has been a heart wrenching, turbulent ride and I am thankful for where I have landed. 

How did your skoolie journey get started? Share your story in the comments below. 

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