The Safety Equipment That Is Needed During a Bus Conversion

Once the bus is in your yard, the rush of adrenaline to get the bus gutted is in full force. But just remember you are going to need your fingers and eyes throughout the entire conversion process. So, let’s chat about how to protect yourself during a bus conversion.

Skoolie Safety Equipment

Wear Your Personal Protection Equipment to Protect Yourself During a Bus Conversion 

At least once a month, I see an Instagram post or read a Facebook post about someone who was injured while working on their conversion project. Most of the time, the owner of the post will admit to not using common sense or taking safety precautions prior to getting hurt. Instead of finding yourself in this situation consider protecting yourself. Wearing your PPE will reduce the need for the emergency room. When choosing your personal protection equipment, make sure it fits well and is comfortable. I have listed a few of the items that I recommend.


 There are several types of gloves to choose from. Here are some that I suggest. 

These gloves are recommended when  you are welding. 


Safety Glasses:

I  like the safety glasses that have side shields. These keep the flying sawdust particles from getting into your eyes.


Ear Plugs:

Sound is magnified when you are in an empty bus working with a grinder. Protect your ears so you can hear the creatures on your hike when you start your skoolie adventure.



When you are painting your bus, a respirator is needed. If you are cutting lots of your 2×2’s for stud walls or working with insulation, you will reduce the chance of a sinus infection, if you put on a dust mask.


Face Shields:

When you are welding, use a face shield plus protective clothing. Here are a few of the items that will help prevent bodily injury. (link)


Protective Clothing:

If you have ever worked with fiberglass insulation before without protective clothing, I am sure you will not forget to put clothing on during this task. In addition, to long-sleeve shirts and pants don’t forget to protect your feet.


Don’t Forget –

Wearing your PPE will reduce the chances of an accident but sometimes things just happen. Before you start your conversion project, make sure you have a first aid kit and an eyewash kit. It is better to have these and not need them instead of needing them and not have them.

One personal protection item that is most frequently forgotten is the use of common sense. It is easy to get excited and rush to get the job completed. All the while forgetting to look around the workspace, examine the tools and check for the obvious safety hazards. Common sense doesn’t cost you anything unless you forget to use it.  Slow down and take time to use the safety precautions that the tools already have installed like shields or guards.

Pro Tip: Place all your PPE in a clear tote so that it doesn’t get damaged and is easy to find.

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When you apply common sense and wear your PPE the hope is that you will complete your entire conversion with NO accidents.

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