One of the biggest bus conversion decisions you will make is the layout of your skoolie floor plan. With a skoolie, every inch counts! Determining the best use of your space, how to maximize storage, and the functionality of your design are just a few of the factors to consider. With years of skoolie living and designing under her belt, Missy has the inside scoop on those questions you never thought to ask about creating your skoolie floor plan. Get on her schedule and get moving forward with your conversion!

1-Hour Zoom call ($50)

skoolie floor planning


When deciding what bus to purchase it can get overwhelming after looking at many different ones. During this consultation, we will look over 2 links of a bus or pre-converted skoolies that you are considering purchasing. At the end, you will receive questions to ask the seller, our thoughts on the miles, motor and over all condition of the bus and we will tell you which one we would purchase.

$35 for 2 links and a “Bus Purchase Review”

Skoolie Dreaming -Research & Planning Consultation

Are you wondering if the skoolie life is for you? Is your partner excited about the prospect of downsizing and you do not share in the excitement? For some people the thought of converting a bus and living in it full time can be full of questions. Questions like, Is finding a place to park difficult? How do I get mail? How long does it take to convert a bus? Will I save money living the skoolie life? Is a skoolie or RV better for my full time adventure? What jobs do people have who live in a skoolie? Can I tow a car behind my bus? This consultation will quiet the fears while learning from someone who has been converting buses for over 10 years. Missy and her family have lived in a skoolie while traveling the country with 7 kids and have lived in a skoolie stationary. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. You will leave this consultation with your questions answered and feel encouraged.

50 Minute Phone Call ($50)

Mobile Business - Consultation

Once your skoolie is complete how will you earn income?                Are you interested in a remote business?                                            Do you have a passion that could earn you a profit?                          Do you have a business idea but you do not know where to start?Does thinking about an LLC, developing a business plan, and putting together a media kit have you overwhelmed?

During this call we can discuss your strengths, talents, and abilities to uncover your purpose. When you create a business where your passion and purpose come together it will not seem like work. Get set up for success on this Mobile Business Call. Click the button below.

30 Minute Phone Call ($25)

Skoolie Liaison Service

Are you interested in the skoolie life but don’t know where to start? Would you like to reduce the amount of time you spend researching, planning, finding a bus, and working with a bus conversion company? Hire Missy and her team to find you a bus, locate a conversion company and work with you through the entire conversion process. 

The Skoolie Liaison Service provides: 

  • Direct connection to bus conversion information
  • Communication between you, bus sellers and bus conversion companies. 
  • Help locating and inspecting a bus
  • Help designing a skoolie floor plan
  • Keeping you informed by weekly updates and continued support throughout the bus buying and conversion process. 
  • Arrange your travel plans when you visit the bus conversion company
  • Assist in making bus conversion decisions
        30 Minute Phone Call ($25)

Elevate Your Brand - Consultation

Your online identity should be uniquely you. We work with you to establish and/or elevate your online presence. We are your one stop for all things online marketing. 

The first step is getting to know each other. We want to catch your vision, hear your goals, and help you create your brand across all online platforms.

After this call, you will:

  • Have a plan to set up your social media accounts
  • Know how to update your social media
  • You will learn the steps to start setting up a website 
  • Learn ways to generate leads. 
  • Learn how to use your online presence to make a profit. 

30 Minute Phone Call ($25)

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